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We kicked off 2019 in our brand new office at the Lloydkade in Rotterdam. Surrounded by light, water and architecture, we enjoy a very inspiring working environment every day. 2019 brought us several great projects, varying from office buildings and warehouses to residential areas and private residences.

Converse and Wilgenrijk started developing the new ‘Goedland’ area in Wilgenrijk, Maassluis. The landscape here has a semi-open character and is partly forest. The vegetation is green, has small glimpses of buildings everywhere and there is a creek in the heart of the neighbourhood where an island is an important central meeting place.

Private forest paths and open, sandy avenues with places where encounters between residents are encouraged. Each avenue has its own atmosphere, appearance and use. In some streets there is a direct connection to garages via rear paths, keeping cars out of sight.

The design for the Goedland residences are based on 3 basic shapes. The square, rectangle and cross. The barnhouse inspired design of the houses with reed rooftops blend perfectly in the environment and Dutch landscape that is so typical for Wilgenrijk.

KLM 001
ConverseArchitects have been realizing Residential projects for decades. The nice thing about designing privately owned homes is the direct and personal contact that arises with clients. As one of the first projects located in the green environment of Buitengoed, in 2019 we finished the design for a modern version of a Country House. Together with our Interior Design partner Simone van Es Interiors we were able to establish yet another high-end mansion that will most certainly stand out in Wilgenrijk.

October 29 construction started and the project is expected to be finished in 2020.

Buitengoed, also in Wilgenrijk, is a green and open neighborhood with a village atmosphere. The neighborhood is inspired by the area ‘Kralingen’ in Rotterdam: wide avenues, ponds, streets that sway and in a nice environment.

Buitengoed has a residential variation with approximately 200 houses that vary in style and design and includes both owner-occupied and rental houses. The small-scale apartment buildings match the architecture of the surrounding houses. In the middle of the large park on the edge of the neighbourhood there is a small-scale boutique hotel that offers a relaxed and natural spot near the water for social meetings and delicious food and drinks.

The construction of Buitengoed has started and will be finished in 2020.

The world around us is constantly changing, so is our own experience and our frame of reference. There are many factors that influence what we learn, develop and study. What materials we use, how to contribute effectively to more sustainable design, find smart solutions, work more efficiently and (together with our clients) take our responsibility in reducing CO2 and Nitrogen emissions.

We therefore find it utterly important to keep learning and developing. In 2019 we started Converse LAB were we investigate social developments and create innovative new ideas and methods.

Converse LAB challenges students to take on projects in these fields: circular, textile, interactions, system, process, gaming, architecture, craft, education, food, biomobility, product, health, research, fashion, social, interior, service, industrial, art, digital, graphic, spacial, speculative. Robin Erkamp was the first student to complete his LAB study at Converse. A study in which he defined Better Living One The first sustainable residential building for young professionals living alone. At the moment Bowen Chen took over Robin’s project to design a mode of single-living housing which is spatial-efficient, sustainable, self-sufficient and provides extra quality for mental happiness, Better Living Phase 2.

Have a look at our LAB projects.


In 2020 we will start and finish several projects. A few of the new projects that we can reveal are a new European headquarter and warehouse for the Korean company Intellian, the renovation of an office building in the harbour in Rotterdam for DHG and a new private residence located in the Wilgenrijk area.

First HRE development
Hopman Real Estate (HRE) is a partner company of ConverseArchitects. The combination of Development Management, Architecture, Engineering and Asset Management enables HRE and ConverseArchitects to cultivate an evolving, integrated approach to real estate development.

For the Korean high-tech company Intellian, a leading global provider of stabilized (maritime) satellite antenna systems, HRE developed the European headquarter and warehouse solution in Rotterdam, that also provides the Korean company with optimal testing facilities.

By smartly using the limited space of a centrally located plot near Rotterdam/The Hague Airport, the Converse design team combined all (design) technical demands and requirements in a distinctive design.

The construction of the new warehouse will start in February 2020.

Improving our office view
Right across our fine office, on the other side of the river Maas, we are renovating an office in the Eekhoutstraat for DHG. For this revitalization project ConverseArchitects re-designed the existing buildings to create a new sustainable modern office building overlooking the beautiful river Maas.

The renovation will start later this year.

A spacious residence
Our latest project for a private residence is also located in the Wilgenrijk area. The client requested a modern and spacious home, with large windows overlooking the forest garden. Despite it being a more modern residence, this high-end residence has a reed rooftop and natural materials blend perfectly in the Wilgenrijk area. This will be the first Wilgenrijk residence with a (heated) outdoor swimming pool.

Project now in Definite Design phase

Introducing a New (and existing) Interior Partner
Throughout the last years ConverseArchitects and Simone van Es Interiors have been partners on many residential and office projects. We are therefore happy to announce that in the New Year Simone van Es will join the Converse Team as our new ‘Head of Interior Design’. Besides that, she will continue to lead Simone van Es Interiors located at the Kratonkade and (already) joined in our Office Space.