Converse LAB

04/12/2019 |

The world around us is constantly changing, so is our own experience and our frame of reference. There are many factors that influence what we learn, develop and study. What materials we use, how to contribute effectively to more sustainable design, find smart solutions, work more efficiently and (together with our clients) take our responsibility in reducing CO2 and Nitrogen emissions.

We therefore find it utterly important to keep learning and developing. At Converse LAB we investigate social developments and create innovative new ideas and methods. Our LAB projects explore the use of emerging technologies and our role as architect in a changing world. We constantly browse for new materials, look at new and even old building techniques in order to find new solutions. We believe that science, technique and design should operate simultaneously. We therefore explore ways to find new synergies, study relevant technical R&D projects and debate traditional building and landscaping.

Converse LAB challenges students to take on projects in these fields: circular, textile, interactions, system, process, gaming, architecture, craft, education, food, biomobility, product, health, research, fashion, social, interior, service, industrial, art, digital, graphic, spacial, speculative.

Have a look at our LAB projects.

Are you studying architecture and working on new and innovative ideas? Send a message to with your CV and portfolio and maybe you can become part of Converse LAB. Due to the overwhelming number of responses, we are unable to reply everybody personally.