Lely Campus showcased by Cladding Point

17/11/2023 |

Converse Architects is pleased to announce that its awardwinning project Lely Campus, an international business campus in Maassluis, The Netherlands, has recently been highlighted by Cladding Point. Cladding Point has been a reliable supplier for the project since 2012, and their involvement has been integral in creating a highly sustainable and innovative environment.

The awardwinning project was designed to provide a modern, multifunctional workspace for the employees of Lely, a leader in the agricultural industry. To reach the highest level of sustainability, Converse Architects chose Cladding Point for both Phase I and Phase II of the project. Cladding Point supplied both carrier panels and Premium Façade Flat panels with invisible fixing, as well as mineral wool interior wall panels. In order to ensure the highest standards, Lely were fully committed to certified quality throughout the project.
The success of the Lely Campus is certainly commendable. With a BREEAMOutstanding certification, it has cemented its place as one of the most sustainable office buildings in Europe. Furthermore, the installation of 6,000 m2 of solar panels and an ATES system have led to an EPC (Energy Performance Coefficient) of below zero, further demonstrating Lelys commitment to sustainability.

Cladding Points role in the project has been essential in creating a unique, futureoriented space at the Lely Campus. By utilising innovative materials and techniques, the project was able to be completed in line with the highest standards of sustainability and quality. Converse Architects would like to thank Cladding Point for their continued involvement in the project and look forward to a continued relationship between both parties. To celebrate the success of the Lely Campus, Cladding Point have released a video of the project which showcases the beauty of the project in all its glory.