10/12/2023 |

Our current sleep pattern dates back to the 19th century, when artificial lighting changed sleep. We are now on the threshold of the artificial intelligence era. With electrodes and the power of artificial intelligence, technology is being developed that can interpret and translate our brain patterns. This makes it possible to communicate with comatose patients, perform brain upgrades, and even digitize thoughts.
But to what extent do our thoughts remain our own when they are uploaded to the Cloud?
With House of Dreams, we answer this question with a clear statement:

“Cherish your dreams, for our thoughts belong to us and us alone.”

At ConverseLab, within a long-term research program ‘House of Meaningful Places’, we investigate the essence of Living and how places can be created that contribute to the mental well-being of the residents. By enhancing the quality and meaning of these places, spaces are created that are a source of happiness for the residents.

The Futon Factorij is a family business, producing handmade traditional futons, comforters and pillows in a traditional way. For House of Dreams, they have put together a mattress, pillow and bedding made entirely from materials harvested and recycled in the Netherlands, supporting the essence and purity of true sleep in the best possible way.

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