Second meeting Uitzicht

01/11/2018 |

To completely understand the ancient Germanic era, we need to go back in history for two thousand years. The Germanic people (now the Netherlands and West-Germany) lived in extreme swampy conditions, forcing them to build their houses and farms on higher levels to stay dry. This primitive construction is called a ‘terp’ and literally means ‘artificial hill’. Later on we obviously found smarter ways to keep dry feet, but the terp has kept the Dutch (living below sea level!) dry for centuries.

Whilst developing several projects for Wilgenrijk and carefully studying Dutch history in the process, ConverseArchitects and Plein06 Landscape Architects came across the idea to build a modern version of a terp. Now using it to ‘hide’ cars so residents can enjoy the many advantages of owning a private island, share a magnificent garden and enjoying stunning views around. We therefore named this exclusive project ‘Uitzicht’, meaning ‘view’.

Machiel Hopman (architect)
“When building in Wilgenrijk surrounded by the ultimate Dutch landscape we were immediately inspired to use original Dutch elements in the architecture used for Uitzicht. This allowed us to develop twelve highly sustainable terp villa’s and use exclusive materials and refined detailing along the way. So, natural materials like wood originally used in Dutch shipyards and sawing mills and a roof landscape directly referring to farming sheds. Built on a terp not only to experience the feeling of space and wideness, but also to increase the feeling of safety having a protective structure surrounding the residents. Within this theme we have created a very powerful relationship between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ using a fair amount of glass facades and large windows”.

To accentuate the high basic standards used in Uitzicht, ConverseArchitects teamed up with several exclusive partners and quality brands. Every Uitzicht villa comes with a Bulthaup kitchen, Modular Lighting Instruments, Tortu bathroom, Mosa tiles, Bolith or solid wood flooring. We also found our interior partner Simone van Es Interiors happily willing to provide residents with a free interior design consult and direct access to her professional supplier network.

Simone van Es (interior designer)
“For Uitzicht we have been working on several outstanding interior designs in different residential atmospheres. The light, space and superb inside-outside relationship was most inspiring, regardless of one’s personal style or taste. With more than generous length and width axes all spaces can be defined as very generous. On top of that, the parking garages below ground level make some of the villa layouts ‘split level’ which makes it even more interesting. Just Imagine four-meter-high doors providing access to your partly roof covered outdoor terraces! We are looking forward to working together with the future residents to help them create amazing interiors. We maintain close ties with several high end Dutch brands, so that could be a great added extra…!”

Information meeting 15 Novermber
Wilgenrijk is organizing an additional information meeting on November 15th, where more details about this exclusive project will be revealed. Many partners will be present to answer your personal questions, so sign up here if you are interested in joining this evening!