Food Center.


ArchitectMachiel Hopman

The Food Center Amsterdam (FCA) is the wholesale market in food in- and for the region Amsterdam.

FCA provide for the needs of the retail, horeca and supply to care institutions and supermarkets. Meat, poultry and game, fish, potatoes, vegetables and fruit and general food from home and abroad, the FCA has the largest and most diverse assortment of fresh produce in the Netherlands.

Converse Architects developed a system where each unit can be customized.

The floor is a prefabricated concrete floor suitable for a useful load of 400 kg / m2 and is imposed on prefab concrete beams between the columns of the skeleton.


The standard unit is not provided with a floor

Option 1

5m long extra floor on the expedition street side

Option 2

10m long extra floor on the side of the trade street

Option 3

Floor over the entire surface of the unit