Residential building.

Year 2020 – 2023
Status Realised
Architects Machiel Hopman
Niek van der Putten
Partners Partner overview

The design provides a beautiful combination of rural and modern elements, resulting in a home with a unique appearance.

The style has been carefully designed to create a warm atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors, while remaining contemporary and sophisticated. The first floor is a cantilever that creates a covered and sheltered porch. This space is ideal for enjoying the evening sun and provides a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather.

The clients wanted to place a large dining room in the newly designed home. The dining room has been given a prominent place in the home and functions as the center of the house. By turning the dining room a quarter in relation to the direction of the house, the extension is pushed a little further outwards. This generates more space in the dining room and bathroom on both the ground floor and the first floor. The first floor consists of 3 spacious bedrooms. Spaciousness is guaranteed by lifting the roof one and a half meters up.

Ground floor
1. Entrance
2. Toilet
3. Technical room
4. Scullery
5. Kitchen
6. Dinning room
7. Living
8. Porch

First floor
9. Corridor
10. Technical room
11. Bedroom
12. Bedroom
13. Bathroom
14. Master bedroom

Second floor
15. Attic

Material and technique

The wooden construction that supports the house at the front is made of robust natural oak beams. The warmth of the oak contrasts beautifully with the rest of the gray color palette. For the main materials, masonry, wood and aluminum composite plates were chosen. The roof is finished with ceramic matt flat roof tiles. The color palette consists of a number of gray tones, of which the aluminum composite and roof tiles are the most dark.