Residential building.

Year 2021 – 2023
Status Realised
Architects Machiel Hopman
Niek van der Putten
Partners Partner overview

A corridor does not only have to be practical, it can also add extra value to the experience of a home.

A void has been added above the entrance, creating a spacious feeling upon entering the house. In addition, the large windows in the mezzanine ensure that more light enters the house and the corridor. This gives the normally practical space an extra dimension in the home, because the experience and connection with outside will be much more prominent.

In order not to make the house too high, a basement has been added to accommodate the installations and storage space. This ensures that all floor space on the first floor can be used for bedrooms and bathrooms. This ensures a very efficient layout of the floor plan. On the ground floor, a room divider has been used that also functions as furniture for both the living room and kitchen. The room divider separates the two living areas and provides a passage on both sides.


1. Technical room

Ground floor
2. Entrance
3. Toilet
4. Scullery
5. Living kitchen
6. Living
7. Reading corner
8. Outside kitchen
First floor
9. Corridor
10. Toilet
11. Bedroom
12. Bedroom
13. Bathroom
14. Master bedroom
15. Bedroom

Material and technique

The house contains a mix of rough and sleek materials. The black burnt wood in the front and rear facades is one of the eye-catchers. It is not only a unique product, it is also an extra durable facade finish. As an extra, the house also has a gigantic canopy at the rear with an outdoor kitchen. The daily living pleasure can therefore also be achieved outside in spring, summer and sunny autumn days.