LC Coreopsis '23



ArchitectMachiel Hopman

ROOTS Foundation

A Tribute to Collaboration
LC Coreopsis ’23 Bench by Machiel Hopman

The LC Coreopsis ’23 Bench is the first model from a unique series of seating furniture for Loads Collection designed by architect Machiel Hopman in fruitful collaboration with studio Claudy Jongstra and the Roots Foundation.
The series is constructed from 100% circular and bio-based materials and pays homage to the age-old use of dye plants and the traditional craft of carpentry and upholstering.

The essence of this project lies in the use of ancient natural paint, derived from various dye plants, such as the Coreopsis, the Isatis and the Helianthus. Pigments crafted from the roots of dye plants not only add an aesthetic dimension but also anchor us deeper in the natural world around us. The hue tells the story of the earth in which the plant grew and the specific weather conditions of the harvest year, making each color a vibrant tribute to the cyclical nature of the environment.

For the LC Coreopsis ’23 Bench, we used the 2023 harvest from the Entheos organic farm in Spain to color SEKEM cotton from a biodynamic farm in Egypt with warm ochre tones. For the filling of the seat cushions, we use the 100% circular filling from Royal Auping. This choice of sustainable materials and natural pigments not only symbolizes our commitment to a circular future but also strengthens the bond between humans and nature.

The pure wood of the bench is obtained through the Velux Takeback service, showcasing how seemingly inferior waste products can be reused in aesthetically high-quality ways.


Cotton: SEKEM

Coreopsis: Entheosbio

Cushions’ filling: 100% circular from Royal Auping

Wood: VELUX Take-back service 

The path to sustainability is one of collective effort. With the LC Coreopsis ’23 Bench, we demonstrate that through collaboration, real change is possible.
It is a celebration of the beauty of nature, the power of integrated cooperation, and an ode to the collective action necessary to achieve the required transition towards a circular and more sustainable world.

Ode to the hand sketch

In designing the LC Coreopsis ’23 Bench, besides circularity, the focus lies on embracing authenticity and craftsmanship – two core values that underpin sustainable design. Machiel Hopman, the designer of the LC Coreopsis ’23 Bench, has consciously chosen to use hand sketches on his iPad as a means of his artistic expression.

In an era where digital technologies seemingly broaden our creative horizons, yet ultimately lead to flattening and uniformity, Machiel strongly believes in preserving the personal, hands-on element of hand sketching. While digital technology and AI can offer many benefits to designers, he also sees how the personal aspect of design is fading away. By creating hand sketches on a Ipad, he captures ideas directly with the subtle nuances and spontaneity he believes is necessary to bring designs to life, while benefiting digital customization options and working in multiple layers.

For Machiel, this is not just a matter of efficiency but rather a way to maintain connection with the artisanal process of creation. Every line, every sketch on his iPad contributes to the unique authenticity of his work, akin to the brushstrokes of a painter on a canvas.

He is convinced that preserving this human touch and respect for traditional craftsmanship not only enriches his designs but also plays a crucial role in the pursuit of sustainability. It serves as a reminder of the value of the individual, the unique, and the artisanal in a world increasingly dominated by technology.

With the LC Coreopsis ’23 Bench at the Roots Exhibition Milan, Machiel Hopman aims not only to showcase a bio-based, circular, and aesthetic design but also to pay homage to the timeless art of craftsmanship, an art we must cherish and preserve in our increasingly digitalized world.