Lely Campus Phase 2.



51.934221, 4.250541
ArchitectMachiel Hopman
The Lely Campus in Maassluis is one of the most sustainable business complexes in Europe.

The campus consists of the international headquarters of the Lely Group and two production locations where more than 800 employees work on innovative and future-oriented solutions for the agricultural sector.

After completion of phase I in 2013 , due to the continuing worldwide growth of Lely’s business activities, the Lely Campus has doubled in size. Phase II comprises three wings of office space of 10,600 m2 and a production hall of 24,000 m2 has been completed after two years of construction. After the completion of phase II the 7.5 ha complex consists of a multifunctional office building of 21,100 m2 GFA, which two ultra energy-efficient production halls are connected with a total of 46,500 m2 GFA.

The elongated sight lines in the design are inspired by the historical Dutch polder landscape, which creates evocative perspectives.
Lely’s functional requirements, corporate values and identity are combined in the architectural design. 

The main facility volume is positioned centrally and provided with two elongated office wings on either side, which are elevated in relation to ground level. The innovative and high-tech character of Lely is reflected in the façades of the office building. They are transparent and entirely made of glass and are placed in robust white frames, with an expressive construction of two-story high steel trusses behind them. 

Repetitive use of the innovative steel construction and the use of glass in both the exterior and the interior reinforces the industrial experience of the building and establishes a link between innovation and modern technology.
Facilitating an inspiring and sustainable working environment is the driving force in the layout of the complex. Public and private spaces alternate in the office wings, and bright spaces are prominent.


As well as in phase I, Lely Campus is awarded the BREEAM-NL five-star delivery certificate, the highest level achievable within the BREEAM method. ConverseArchitects not only strived for ‘BREEAM Outstanding’ certification but also took the health and wellbeing of the staff and the environment into account. For instance, the Lely Gym has been developed, which makes it possible for every Lely employee to become and stay the fittest version of themselves. This can be achieved through personal and small group training, spinning classes, kickboxing and even breathing techniques in combination with an ice bath. 
Furthermore, an ATES installation and solar panels generate water and energy. As a result, the carbon footprint is reduced. The installation of approximately 6,000 m² of solar panels has led to a highly efficient EPC-The Energy Performance Coefficient- of below zero. The architect opted for maximum multi-use space and saved over 46,500 m2 of floor space by using the roofs of the assembly hall as parking spaces.

A clear link has been made between the office section and the business activities in the assembly hall, which connects the two buildings seamlessly. The work processes are visible from several places, which increases the involvement between office and factory staff. In the corridor that bridges two office wings, different elevations are merged together by its engaging staircases where people can meet and interact while moving.