Residential building.

Year 2021 – Ongoing
Status Under construction
Architects Machiel Hopman
Niek van der Putten
Partners Partner overview

In this stylish house you are welcomed with an impressive entrance hall and a beautiful sleek staircase that immediately catches the eye.

It is a house designed with attention for detail and a blend of modern elegance and rural charm. The entrance, with the staircase standing as a masterpiece in the center, creates a feeling of grandeur as soon as you enter. The staircase is not only functional but also a statement piece in itself. Its smooth plaster finish on the sides and underneath further emphasizes its elegance.

This house contains four floors, all designed with a focus on space and functionality. One of the most striking features is the large sliding door that extends the living room and seamlessly connects it to the outdoor pool. This sliding door creates a smooth transition between inside and outside, visually and spatially enlarging the living room. The swimming pool is a place to relax and cool off during hot days. Next to the pool there is an outdoor bar, complete with everything you need to organize a pleasant day and evening. The spacious porch at the front invites you to relax and socialize. It is the perfect place to watch the sunset.
K3 - Entree

1. Technical room

Ground floor
2. Entrance
3. Toilet
4. Scullery
5. Office
6. Living room
7. Dinning room
8. Kitchen
9. Outside bar and porch
10. Porch
11. Swimming pool
First floor
12. Corridor
13. Storage
14. Bathroom
15. Bedroom
16. Bedroom
17. Bedroom
18. Bedroom
Second floor
19. Walk through closet
20. Bathroom
21. Master bedroom

The materialization of this home is a harmonious fusion of modern minimalism and rustic charm.

Sleek plasterwork used in the design offers a timeless look while the rural thatched roof adds a touch of traditional warmth. The thatched roof adds warmth and character to the whole. The natural material harmonizes beautifully with the modern facade and creates a fascinating contrast. Black slats have been used for sun protection on the windows. These slats, in addition to their practical function, add a touch of contemporary elegance to the exterior of the house. The black contrast against the sleek stucco facade creates a visual statement and adds depth to the design.

In this home, materialization is not only seen as a practical consideration, but also as an artistic expression. The combination of sleek stucco facades, a rural thatched roof, modern aluminum composite roof edges and black slats as sun protection reflects the perfect balance between modernity and traditional warmth.