Residential building.

Year 2021 – Ongoing
Status Under construction
Architects Machiel Hopman
Niek van der Putten
Partners Partner overview

A swimming pool shines in the heart of the house, elegantly integrated into the architecture of the house. The water shimmers, surrounded by clean lines and modern aesthetics of the facades, while bringing a sense of serenity to the heart of the home.

The kitchen was a focal point during the design process. Therefore, it has been placed centrally location in the house, serving as a connecting element between the dining room and living room. The dining room itself extends into an extension, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that allows abundant daylight. Here, family and friends gather to enjoy culinary creations and warm conversations, while surrounded by the greenery of the garden.

Additionally, on the ground floor, the house features a sauna room with an adjoining bathroom and a poolhouse. The poolhouse is a space dedicated to relaxation and entertainment. After a refreshing swim, you can enjoy comfort and conviviality here.
K22 - Voorgevel
Ground floor
1. Entrance
2. Toilet
3. Technical room
4. Scullery
5. Sauna and bathroom
6. Living room
7. Kitchen
8. Dinning room
9. Pool
10. Poolhouse
First floor
12. Corridor
13. Toilet
14. Bedroom
15. Bathroom
16. Bedroom
17. Bedroom
18. Master bedroom
19. Walk-in closet
20. Bathroom
Second floor

21. Attic / storage

The master bedroom is a haven of peace, overlooking the lush garden through an imposing facade.

The high ceiling imparts a feeling of airiness and space, while the room is flooded in natural daylight, creating a serene ambiance. Besides the master bedroom, there are three more generous bedrooms, each designed with comfort and privacy in mind. Here, family members find their own personal retreats, each with unique details and views. Two of these rooms also have ceilings that stretch up to the roof ridge.

The exterior of the house combines various materials harmoniously. Sleek light gray plaster alternates with a warm thatched roof, while elegant aluminum composite panels provide a modern contrast. The dark masonry in the plinth adds a touch of mystery, making the house inviting and intriguing.

This residence is not just a house; it is a place where modern design and natural beauty converge. It is a home where every space is thoughtfully designed to provide a sense of luxury and serenity.