Residential building.

Year 2020 – 2023
Status Realised
Architects Machiel Hopman
Niek van der Putten
Partners Partner overview

In combination with minimalist and slim detailing, a refined synergy and correlation are created between material and technique.

The staircase has been given a central prominent place. Surrounded by facility areas such as technology, toilet, and kitchen, the core creates a clear separation between the living and dining room. In addition, the porch is an extension of the dining room, which provides a summer and winter living space.

Material and technique

Converse designed this house in a combination of a rural and modern style. More rougher and robust materials such as reed, a course brick, massive oak constructions, and Swedish rabbet have been used in combination with minimalist and slim detailing. This creates a refined synergy and correlation between material and technique. This results in a very contemporary and comfortable home that comes into its full potential in Kreek, Wilgenrijk.


Ground floor

1. Entrance
2. Toilet
3. Technical room
4. Scullery
5. Kitchen
6. Living room
7. Dinning room
8. Porch

First floor

9. Master bedroom
10. Study room
11. Toilet

On the 1st floor, the study room is the central zone. Its central position creates a separation between the master bedroom and the guest room. As a result circulation space is minimized and usable space is increased.


Second floor

12. Bedroom