Van Deelen.


LocationDen Haag
52.039777, 4.365631
ArchitectMachiel Hopman

On business park Ypenburg, located along the A4 motorway, ConverseArchitects worked in collaboration with Mewivast project development on the area development and layout of the plot.

The design consists of five separate office villas and an elongated multi-company building, which can be divided into a maximum of 22 units.

The concept behind the business park with shared facilities, forms an integrated total concept in a park-like setting. A company can rent an office villa or share it and use it as flex-work places.

The communal facilities such as meeting rooms, communication spaces, restaurant and meeting and presentation rooms are centrally located within the park. Business and researchers do not work solitary, but because of the design of the business park, they meet each other and external visitors in the communal facilities.