Residential building.

51.660156, 4.513072
ArchitectMachiel Hopman
Van Leent

Real, relaxed, beautiful Dutch living

Wilgenrijk is a new part of the Netherlands, between the two large and vibrant cities of Rotterdam and The Hague, close to Maassluis, Maasland and the green Midden-Delfland nature reserve. The residential area is rural, green surrounded by water. It stands for the beauty and power of Holland in its purest form. With a tranquillity that is rare in this part of the Netherlands.

Wevershof is one of the unique places of Wilgenrijk with its own access directly from the picturesque Weverskade.

This access is formed by a green gate between two large farms with a row of willows and red maple trees. Wevershof is a small-scale farmyard with a playful structure of farmhouses inspired by farms.

The residential area will grow in phases in the coming years. This started around the Weverskade and slowly moves into the area around the islands, towards the avenues and courts. Despite the size of Wilgenrijk (113 hectares), every neighbourhood will have its own, small-scale, intimate atmosphere. These are almost always restricted areas with no through traffic.

The Converse team combines sleek, robust design with refined detailing and likes to use natural materials. Completely in line with the characteristic Dutch landscape and with a great eye for craftsmanship and attention to sustainability.

With a nice mix of pure materials such as wood, steel, zinc, reed and natural stone. But also, for example, by using bricks baked in room ovens that, thanks to this traditional baking shape, are not all identical. This makes a home “live” and gives it a warm and unique appearance.